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January 15, 2016 / shellyburch10

Live at Emelin Theatre


A musical tribute to the Beatles, Burt Bacharach and Irving Berlin, written, directed and narrated by Martin Charnin.

“The 3 B’s” originally referred to the collective genius of Beethoven, Brahms and Bach, three of the most influential and prolific composers of their time. Now nearly 200 years later, the title has been resurrected for this special production to laud the collective genius of three of the most influential and prolific composers of our times, the Beatles, Burt Bacharach, and Irving Berlin!

Legends before the age of 30, “The 3 B’s” have much in common, responsible for writing hundreds of songs that consistently topped the charts, garnered critical acclaim and influenced generations of musicians to come. Collectively they are responsible for creating three of the most important catalogs of the songbook of the past century.

Join Martin Charnin (creator of the beloved great American musical, Annie and Emelin stalwart) as he and his company – the magnificent Shelly Burch, the sensational John Treacy Egan, the raucous Applause Ensemble, and the vibrant David Shenton Quartet – sing, dance and perform a selection of works by these three great artists like you’ve never heard them before.


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